rss1200Hello there and welcome to my website and my Buell motorcycle addiction.

      It has been a long time since the last update in 2009. The last five years passed in a rush. Instead of more Buells, kids were added to the family and the focus shifted a little.

      On a positive note, the collection is still alive and well and was recently moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. The Buells have finally arrived in their natural habitat.

      The Classic Buell rental idea is now looking more realistic than ever: The roads around Hendersonville, NC, are simply spectacular, the local scene in the Asheville area is unique, tourism, economy, climate: In short: I have finally found my place.

      So do check in on the possible resurrection of the rental business. I am thinking of offering guided tours around Asheville on my Classic Buells (Tubers basically) in combination with accommodation for groups up to 10 people in my 3br, 3ba cabin here in Hendersonville. But then again, check in for updates.

      But back to what matters: The Buell collection, which I am constantly expanding, and some more Buell-talk. Check out all the Tubers on the following pages, comment on them, correct me, when you see I was wrong and leave some feedback on my wordpress blog. I would really like to provide a platform for Buell news. If anyone wants me to translate anything Buell related from or into German, let me know. Even though I am concentrating on the tube frame Buells, I am still interested in the fuel frame bikes, including the new exciting EBR models (can't wait to se the AX).

      Again, Welcome to my site and let me know what you think! Thanks!

      Take care,